Sam Congdon In A Nutshell

Sam Congdon came from humble beginnings. He grew up in an orchard farm where he learned how to work hard. This formed the basis of his perception in hard work, a virtue that has remained with him to this date. His humble background did not stop him from wanting to achieve more. He excelled well in school and later went to Hillsdale College for a degree in Bachelor of Science in economics. While in college, he made sure that he applied practically what he had learned by taking the challenging job of being a manager in the Student Works Painting. By the time he was attaining his degree, he had acquired a lot of management experience that proved to be useful in his future career.

He was not comfortable with just one degree, because after graduation, Sam Congdon enrolled for a one-year course in a Bible school. Upon completion, he felt it best to undertake a second degree in Master of Business Administration in the prestigious Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. This exposed him to more aspects and knowledge of running a business. It prepared him for more challenging roles in management such as the one he undertook while still in the graduate school, of managing other managers in the Student Works Painting.

The skills and knowledge he acquired over the years have proved useful in his recent undertakings. He was able to turn around the Compass services company within a few months of managing it, and therefore selling it at a better price. Sam Congdon also bought a hostel in Puerto Rico, which he has been managing to profitability while increasing customer ratings. At the same time, he has been managing another hostel in San Juan, Puerto Rico that also has received improved customer ratings.

Despite working hard, he also believes in family, having fun and keeping fit. He and his wife have a son who has brought the amazing experience of being a father. Sam Congdon has developed a love for travelling and of tropics. He has travelled to many Caribbean islands and Mexico in areas such as Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Nevis and St. Kitts, Ecuador, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Belize. He enjoys visiting areas such as Belize to see fish, sharks and rays. He has also visited other countries such as The Netherland Antilles, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, The Isle of Man, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Holland, The United Arab Emirates, Albania, Panama, Venezuela, Nepal, Thailand and India.

He also enjoys visiting Lake Chelan in his hometown in Washington State. He loves jumping in the clean water and visiting the town of Stehekin, which is at the head of the lake. Fossil Rim in Texas is also another place where he enjoys spending his time feeding giraffes. It has different animals, which roam freely while people drive around in cars.

To keep fit and for fun, he plays ultimate Frisbee, a game he learned to play ten years ago. It is a game that he has captained league and tournament games.

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