Sam Congdon and the Puerto Rico Business

In his travelling, one place that Sam Congdon visited is Puerto Rico. He had gone to the place almost 40 times although most of the time he spent on the airport. He began looking into getting a business in the area and the opportunity to purchase property worked very well. In 2012, he co-founded a hostel in Puerto Rico called Moonlight Bay Hostel. They found a property that was close to the major port where boats take guests to a couple of islands off the coast of Puerto Rico. The area also has some amount of walking and foot traffic. The hostel has done well and has given him the opportunity to travel and spend time Puerto Rico on many occasions. He has been able to go for a run on the beach on New Year’s Day, something that one cannot do in Dallas.

While in the area, he has also visited Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. The island is so small that people use golf carts to drive around it. It also has a beautiful beach called Flamenco beach that is regularly rated as one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. He was able to take his son there who loved the place. His son played in the waves the whole day and it was the first time he had been to the ocean since infancy. Sam Congdon and his son had a great time diving through the waves, bobbing up and down, swimming around, playing in the sand and doing all the things that people do in the ocean and the beach.

Having his business in Puerto Rico has also opened other opportunities because in 2013, he became the chief operating officer of The Palace Hostel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was an existing guesthouse, and he took control of all the operational and financial operations. He oversaw the upgrades and improvements of the property in addition to managing financial and operational aspects of the hostel. He was also involved in the hiring and training the full time staff. Customer ratings of the hostel improved dramatically from what the previous management had. This means that the guesthouse improved its service provision as well as in the facilities. All this could not be achieve without having the right staff to do the job, something that Sam Congdon ensured.

To run these businesses, Sam Congdon relied on the knowledge and experience that he has acquired over time. This is from his younger days in the orchard farm where he learned how to work hard, to his college days when he worked in Student Works Painting both as a manager and as a general manager. He knows that to achieve results, there is no shortcut but to work hard and be diligent. This has been evidence of the success stories of the hotels and of other businesses that he is running. He also knows that it is not all work all the time. That is why he has found time to enjoy what the Puerto Rico area has to offer in the form of beautiful beaches.

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