Diverse Management Experience And Skills of Sam Congdon

Managing is not new to Sam Congdon. Over the years, he has gained a wealth of experience in managing different businesses. While his hardworking skills were nurtured in childhood, his management skills were nurtured in college when he started working as a manager in the Student Works Painting. Though the first time it was challenging to combine his studies and the management, and commuting long distance when working, it served as a learning phase, which taught him valuable lessons that he has continued to use to this day.

The other summers as the manager were easy because now he had the experience in addition to reducing the commuting time. He was also familiar with the duties expected of a manager. While in graduate school, he managed to work as a general manager for Student Works Painting in Ohio, a task that required that he manage other managers. This was a good experience for him and he was able to use his previous experience and tricks he had learned as a manager to teach the managers. He earned their respect and the summer was successful despite the challenges of dealing with less than qualified staff.

Sam Congdon management skills did not end there because after college, he has taken part in other management roles. One of the notable ones is by being the founder and the chief executive officer of Compass Services in Richardson, Texas. In the company, he was responsible for all the operational activities, to achieve profitability and to sell the business. He had the complete responsibility for profit and loss goals and achievements and for forecasting and budgeting. He was in charge of implementing and managing all aspects of a successful marketing campaign, he created and oversaw software customization in order to automate sales, data entry, customer service, customer retention and reporting. He also oversaw all the functions of human resources such as hiring, training, disciplining, rewarding and firing. Monthly profitability was achieved within nine months of opening the business and revenues reached almost $100k per month within 12 months of accepting new clients. He also successfully negotiated and managed the sale of the business.

Sam Congdon continued to use his management experience to achieve more because in 2012, he founded and profitably operated Moonlight Bay Hostel in Puerto Rico, something that he does to this date. He successfully negotiated the purchase of the property and managed all construction and improvement projects to ready the property for commercial lodging use. He hired and trained all full-time staff while managing all financial and operational aspects of the business. Under his management, the first six months of business achieved nearly 90% customer satisfaction rating.

While still in Puerto Rico, Sam Congdon became the Chief operating officer of The Palace Hostel in San Juan in 2013. This was another test for his management abilities, which turned out to be a success. He took control of all operational and financial operations of the existing guesthouse in a bid to turn it around. He oversaw upgrades and improvements to the existing property, hired and trained all full-time staff, managed all financial and operational aspects of the business and in the process improved customer ratings dramatically from previous management.

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